Zone your space with colour and give problem areas a new lease of life

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While large rooms and open-plan spaces are the dream, they can be a challenge to pull off in terms of how they function and giving them a cohesive look. Creating different zones for different activities can be the key to making open-plan spaces work successfully and is easily achieved.

Create a break-out zone

B&Q home office

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Colour is one of the easiest ways to zone a space, with no upheaval or re-building work required. Perfect for renters or novice DIYers, all that’s needed is a pot of paint, roll of wallpaper or a simple change of flooring. Try creating a ‘break-out’ area with a colourful painted panel or feature wallpaper to act as a visual divide. It can make the perfect spot for a study space or a cosy snug in an open-plan living area, and the GoodHome Yarra wall light pendant light, £22, is perfect for adding accent lighting.

Make a colourful focal point

B&Q is working with a team of Changemakers to transform one of the spaces in their home, using B&Q’s incredible range of interior products. B&Q is inspiring the nation to pick up their brushes and create the change they’ve always dreamed of in their homes.

Talented @thepajaamahub created a renter-friendly bedroom area by designing her own colourful headboard. ‘Working as a Changemaker for B&Q was so exciting. I created a cosy area in my guest bedroom by using brightly coloured wallpaper and MDF to make a headboard – a great idea for renters like myself. I’m so pleased with it.’

With the colourful headboard, covered in the GoodHome Nivosa Teal Concrete Effect wallpaper (£18, B&Q), as a focal point, @thepajaamahub has layered up the bed with bright bedding and colourful cushions for a fun look. She chose Salem floral cushions (£10, B&Q), Tiga plain red cushion (£10, B&Q) and the Klama plain green cushion (£8, B&Q) for a relaxed mix-and-match style. Finally, bringing in a statement rug will add colour and warmth to your space.

Focus on flooring

Image credit: B&Q

A change of flooring can help create a visual break in an open-plan space. Try mixing wooden flooring and tiling, with contrast colours and wood grains or a change from wood to tiles to separate the kitchen from a living area. Rugs are an easy option too – bringing in a large rug will act as an anchor point in a seating area. To make choosing flooring easy, you can now order sample flooring online at B&Q and use their in-store and online pack calculator to find out how much you’ll need.

There’s no better way to finish off a space than with a striking light. We love the designer-style GoodHome Monzoni pendant ceiling light, £60, B&Q.

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