Styles that are Perfect for the Bachelor Bedroom: Polished Luxury!


Every stage of our life demands something different from us. And as we move through our lives, we also tend to place drastically different demands on the homes we live in. the small studio apartment that you thought was all you ever needed as a single adult starting out in your career, feels both inadequate and constraining as you start your family life. But, that does not mean you embrace a larger home with all its trappings even as a bachelor. A perfect bachelor pad has a style of its own – one that is distinctly masculine; even as it feels casual and classy.

Raw cement backdrop in the bedroom adds an edgy vibe to the contemporary theme of this bachelor bedroom
Raw cement backdrop in the bedroom adds an edgy vibe to the contemporary theme of this bachelor bedroom [From: IBR Designs]


The bachelor pad bedroom comes in a wide variety of styles with modern being the easiest one to create. Yet, there are styles that are much more popular and trendy in the bachelor bedroom that captures its spirit fully. From dashing industrial at its modern best to contemporary that feels polished and urbane, this is a look at the best styles for the chic bachelor pad

Industrial Wins by a Mile

If there is one style that we would recommend day in and day out for the bachelor bedroom, then it is undoubtedly industrial. The style is rugged, functional and brings in a whole lot of textural contrast without ever forcing you to wonder about how they all fit into the larger picture. As a style, industrial is all about ergonomics over flowing form. This is what makes it so very apt for the casual and trendy bachelor pad bedroom. Deep grays and unique industrial lighting can be combined with raw concrete, exposed brick walls and textured cement finishes for an interior that is just flamboyant!

Industrial bedroom with an exposed brick wall is just perfect for the modern bachelor pad [From: R & R Staging and Interior Design]
Sliding barn door with chevron stripes steals the spotlight in this bedroom [From: Yellowstone Traditions]

You can add ideas like illuminated wall signs, neon lighting or an over-sized pendant next to the bed to make the bedroom even more eye-catching. Of course, you need to find the balance between what feels edgy and what might be tacky and just ‘over the top’. There are times when the sliding barn door, exposed stone walls and rustic wooden ceiling beams also become a part of this wonderful space.

Stunning bachelor bedroom breaks away from the clutches of gray with exposed stone and wood [From: Little Worker]
Adding a plant in the corner is never a bad idea in the industrial bedroom [From: EFE Creative Lab / Gabriel Volpi Photography]

Contemporary and Classy

This one is easy, not really something exotic and yet is just perfect for the bachelor pad bedroom. With most bachelor pads already embracing a modern, urban style in the living room and the kitchen, a contemporary style bedroom feels like the ideal way to complete the look. Everything from LED strip lights to minimal décor and a muted color palette ensure that you have a backdrop which is both sophisticated and relaxing. You can use throw pillows, bedding and maybe a few select wall art pics to usher color and personality into this space.

Accent pillows and wall art add color to this cool bachelor bedroom in trendy gray [From: Liane Ryan Photography]
Illuminated sign on the wall only adds to the aura of this classy bachelor bedroom [From: LABLstudio]
This gorgeous New York bedroom keeps things simple and minimal while embracing textural contrast [From: Francis Interiors]

Touch of Rustic Smartness

We understand that most bachelor bedrooms are not blessed with a whole lot of space. There is also the constraint of living in an environment that is more or less completely ‘modern’ inside most bachelor pads. Yet, one style that seems to cutting traditional barriers and shaping bedrooms in bachelor homes is rustic – with a heathy dose of modernity thrown into the mix as well. The rugged appeal of rustic style can be carefully intertwined with its cozier touches and modern functionality to offer the best of both worlds. Be it the custom reclaimed wood headboard, the exposed ceiling beams, the antique carpet on the wall or sconce on the walls, this is a bachelor bedroom that exudes curated taste and a love for the unusual.

Rustic style bedrooms are both cozy and rugged at the same time!
Rustic style gives the bachelor pad an entirely different vibe
Innovative headboard design for the small rustic bedroom with a masculine vibe [From: Christopher P. Williams Architects]

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