Pearl Lowe’s Whimsical Georgian Home in Somerset: A Love Story

Pearl Lowe’s Whimsical Georgian Home in Somerset: A Love Story


Pearl Lowe, the renowned fashion and interior designer, has a love affair with her 11-bedroom Georgian mansion nestled in the picturesque town of Frome, Somerset. This enchanting tale began in 2010 when a friend introduced Pearl to the property, and despite the biting cold and lack of heating, she instantly fell for its charm. However, the price proved to be a hurdle, and Pearl had to let go of her dream home. Yet, she couldn’t resist keeping an eye on it over the years, until finally, in 2017, she made a “silly offer” that the owner couldn’t refuse. Pearl’s nomadic lifestyle came to an end as she embarked on a two-month renovation journey to transform this house into her own whimsical haven.

Settling in Somerset


Pearl and her musician husband, Danny Goffey, along with their four children, had already made Somerset their home in 2008. However, their wandering spirits led them to move from one house to another, never truly finding their place of belonging. Pearl candidly admits that they were like “gypsies,” constantly uprooting their lives. Her son, Alfie, humorously recalls how they seemed to move every year of his life. But when Pearl stumbled upon the Georgian pile, she knew it was time to put down roots and create a space where her family could thrive.

A Kitchen Made for Socializing


One of the most significant transformations in Pearl’s Somerset home was the kitchen and dining room. Originally, the kitchen was small, while the dining room was overly spacious. Pearl decided to swap their positions to create a more generous kitchen that could accommodate their lively social life. To bring her vision to life, Pearl collaborated with the bespoke cabinet company deVOL. Together, they designed a long island that overlooks the rolling hills of Somerset and installed glass-fronted cabinets on either side of the chimney breast. Although Pearl admits to a slight hiccup with the initial measurements, the end result was a kitchen that perfectly suited her eclectic taste.


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The Ever-Evolving Aesthetics

Pearl’s home is a testament to her ever-evolving aesthetics and her penchant for experimenting with different styles. Her children often joke about her frequent redecorations, but Pearl sees her home as a canvas for self-expression. From changing wallpapers to altering color palettes, she fearlessly embraces the opportunity to transform her spaces. The sitting room, for instance, underwent a wallpaper change from green to red, while the main bathroom saw three different iterations before finding the perfect chevron pink and white Bert & May tiles. Pearl’s daughter, Betty, also followed suit, transitioning from a dramatic black and white striped wallpaper to an all-white palette in her bedroom. Despite the changes, Pearl finds solace in the uniqueness of her decor, as each piece tells its own story.

Layering and Eclecticism: Pearl’s Signature Style

Pearl’s love for layering and eclecticism shines through in every corner of her home. Her sitting room, in particular, epitomizes her whimsical and vintage style. Adorned with nine different vintage rugs, each collected during a sourcing trip to Morocco, the sitting room exudes warmth and character. Pearl’s penchant for vintage finds extends beyond rugs; she curates an array of unique pieces sourced from local shops and markets. To her, vintage decor adds a personal touch and tells a story that sets her home apart from others.

A Beachside Retreat in East Sussex

While Pearl’s Somerset home captures her love for Georgian architecture and whimsical interiors, she recently acquired a beachside retreat in East Sussex. This new addition to her property portfolio is a testament to her enduring love for water and tranquility. Collaborating once again with deVOL Kitchens, Pearl has created a dreamy kitchen in this coastal haven. With the help of cupboards from deVOL’s Real Shaker Kitchen range, she has fashioned a space that seamlessly blends rustic charm with coastal aesthetics.

A Breath of Fresh Air: The Beach House Kitchen

Pearl’s beach house kitchen exudes an airy and light ambiance, thanks to the combination of a deVOL fluted sink and a luminescent marble counter. The use of unpainted wood and creamy headboards adds a touch of rustic cottage flair to the space. Attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the design, from the lace curtains that softly filter the light to the vintage textiles and quirky decorative ornaments that Pearl meticulously sources.

The Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

Functionality is key in Pearl’s beach house kitchen, and she spared no expense in ensuring that it meets her needs. Equipped with top-of-the-line appliances, including a Bertazzoni range and Fisher & Paykel dishwasher and fridge, the kitchen combines style and practicality seamlessly. The walls are painted in Farrow & Ball’s soothing Pointing shade, while the floor boasts a gentle hue from the Little Greene Paint Company’s Linen Wash collection. Every element has been carefully chosen to create a harmonious and inviting space.

Shaker Simplicity with a Coastal Twist

Pearl’s beach house kitchen follows a simple yet elegant design, featuring a long run of Linen cupboards from deVOL’s collection. The backsplash is adorned with handmade Cotes Mill Tiles, selected for their tactile texture and beachy vibe. Additional storage is provided by a Haberdasher’s wall cupboard and open shelving, ensuring that everything has its place while maintaining the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal.

A Space for Connection and Relaxation

The beach house kitchen seamlessly transitions into a cozy sitting area, complete with a comfortable leather sofa. A ‘Scullery Yellow’ prep table with a copper worktop serves as a delightful focal point, defining the kitchen space. The whitewashed, wide-planked floors are adorned with softly worn rugs, adding warmth and comfort. Dreamy star pendants hang from the rafters, while a disco ball adds a touch of rock and roll edge to the room. Every element is thoughtfully curated to create an atmosphere of connection and relaxation.


The journey of Pearl Lowe’s homes in Somerset and East Sussex is a testament to her unique sense of style and her unwavering commitment to creating spaces that reflect her personality. From her beloved Georgian pile in Somerset to her dreamy beachside retreat, Pearl’s homes exude warmth, whimsy, and a touch of vintage charm. With an eye for detail and a love for experimentation, Pearl has transformed each space into a haven that tells her story and invites others to step into her world.

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