Add impact on the ceiling with creative ideas that will get it noticed

Add impact on the ceiling with creative ideas that will get it noticed


The ceiling is an essential part of any decorating scheme, but it’s an area that often gets overlooked. Rather than simply painting the ceiling white, why not treat it as a design opportunity with a bold paint colour or eye-catching wallpaper treatment that’s guaranteed to spice it up.

Elevate the decor

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Including the ceiling in your decorating scheme is a great way of giving any room a new dimension and it’s a trick that’s much-loved by designers who often describe the ceiling as the ‘fifth wall’. Colour on the ceiling will draw the eye up and can visually change the proportions of a room – dark shades can make a ceiling feel lower, while paler colours can make it feel higher. Finish off the space with statement lighting – try a grouping of the Diall Balloon warm white LED filament light bulbs, £24 each, B&Q.

Make an impact

B&Q is working with a team of Changemakers to transform one of the spaces in their home, using B&Q’s incredible range of interior products. B&Q is inspiring the nation to pick up their brushes and create the change they’ve always dreamed of in their homes.

Clever Hayley from @Townhousediaries transformed the ceiling of her son’s bedroom with a bold paint treatment. ‘It was an incredible experience to work with B&Q as a Changemaker and create a totally new look for my son’s bedroom,’ she says. ‘All it took was a bit of careful measuring and some brightly coloured paint to transform the ceiling with a special circus theme – he loves it!’

Incorporating focal point lighting into the scheme is another great way of enhancing a decorative ceiling. Hayley opted for the GoodHome Dacite brass and glass statement pendant (£24.99, B&Q), teamed with the GoodHome Menonry floor lamp (£45, B&Q) and the GoodHome Mulanje table light (£28, B&Q) to create a layered lighting effect.

Add wow with wallpaper

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Small spaces like hallways and box rooms can often feel uninspiring, so put the focus on the ceiling by wallpapering it in an eye-catching design. An on-trend geometric (like the Colours Mosaic metallic effect wallpaper seen above, £16, B&Q) or busy all-over print will grab the attention and add instant wow in a small area. With over 500 styles to choose from, B&Q has got a wallpaper that you’re guaranteed to love, from jazzy geometrics to on-trend botanicals, such as the stunning leaf design used on Superfresco Easy Flow multicoloured leaves smooth wallpaper, £30, B&Q.

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