A Modernist Residence In The Italian Countryside [Video]

A Modernist Residence In The Italian Countryside [Video]

Located in the Pianura Padana, or Padan Plain, Northern Italy, this 785-square-meter villa is designed to merge harmoniously with the surrounding natural environment. Created by Unica Architects, the single-story home cuts a sleek, white silhouette across the green plain at the urban edge of a small country town. Villa Orizzonte drinks in views of the nearby river and the clear blue sky through its wide glass walls and perforations on a long, flat roof. Mature Acer trees push forth through the series of voids, integrating the modern lines of the building with the land. Outdoor living spaces are arranged around the swimming pool, creating open areas for relaxation and entertaining guests.

The 785-square-meter home was built within the footprint of a prior dwelling on the site, a two-story rural house that had been demolished. It has a Southward-facing orientation, which maximizes its views of the neighboring river. The crisp white architectural volume is cut through to reveal snapshots of the sky, trees, and shrubs, achieving integration with the natural environment.

Inside the Italian villa, the fresh white and beige decor scheme is minimalist and modern. The modern sofa design is soft and welcoming whilst also echoing the low, linear line of the outer architecture. A beige rug lays down a soft foundation for the sitting area and establishes a tonal link with the adjacent dining room decor. A modern chandelier sparkles above the dining table and reflects in a luxurious white marble fireplace wall. Huge windows in minimalistic frames open the living room up to views of the countryside.

All of the living areas are exposed to the beauty of the garden and the landscape thanks to edge-to-edge glass doors and full-height windows. A concrete overhang controls some of the sun’s glare, keeping the interior spaces cool. An outdoor dining area is situated underneath the concrete cover, allowing meals to be enjoyed in the shade or even during light rain. Wide, sliding glass doors surround the al fresco eating area, making it a part of the home.

With the sliding glass doors drawn back, the interior becomes one with the outdoor living spaces, facilitating an easy flow during daily activities. The trees break up the man-made monotony of the sun deck, adding naturally sculptural elements that elevate the serene quality of the home design.

Remote control drapes lightly cover the massive windows at night and when the sun is high. White decor makes the interior living spaces look bright, airy, and spacious. Brief intervals of light wood tone add small moments of visual warmth to the interior palette.

Conceived as an extensive line, the architecture of the modern home has a powerful horizontal presence. The roof acts as the fifth façade of the house and unifies the interior volume with the outdoor living spaces. The roof also holds practical solar panels and thoughtfully positioned skylights that refine the villa’s energy usage.

The long veranda externally connects the common areas of the house and spills onto a larger sun deck. Ribbons of LED light underline the platform, creating safe footing as the sun goes down and drinks are taken in the outdoor living spaces. Plush white sofas, outdoor lounge chairs, and ottomans are arranged around the deck to receive a multitude of guests.

The Acer trees silhouette against the clean white facade, where they are dramatically uplit come nightfall. A wide driveway sweeps up to the front of the house and private parking is accessible to the right of the property.

The building is divided into two functional zones. The main volume contains the living room and kitchen, and three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. A secondary, stone-clad volume hosts the service areas, the garage, and a small office. The rectangular swimming pool creates a mirror image of the home and its trees. The water stretches across the front of the interior living spaces, with two generously sized outdoor living areas punctuating each end of the terrace.

The infinity pool design makes a reflection of the home right up to the edge of the sun terrace, where it dissolves into a lush green lawn. Pink sunsets play upon the still water, painting a colorful masterpiece.

A sunken seating area plunges beside the swimming pool. The outdoor conversation pit creates a welcoming space for the family to hang out and chat together. A wide outdoor coffee table provides a place to set out drinks and snacks when larger celebrations roll around.

Perforations interrupt the sleek, box-like architecture, creating openings that serve as small and inviting private courtyards. Four voids in the roof serve various purposes: The first roof void creates a Roman atrium at the courtyard entrance to the house. The second roof opening is home to two Japanese Acer trees that spread a level of privacy in front of the bedrooms. The third roof void opens up an exclusive patio for the master bedroom. The final opening is a zenithal skylight that brightens the corridor.

On the floor plan, we can observe how the entry corridor flows directly into the large, open-plan living space. Entry to the home office, a powder room, and the parking garage is made to the right of the entrance. Another small bathroom can be seen on the left but this is accessible from the terrace only. The private bedrooms lie at the back of the house.

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