A Clay Roof Tiled Kerala House That Harmonizes Tradition with Modern Luxury

A Clay Roof Tiled Kerala House That Harmonizes Tradition with Modern Luxury

Discover the charm of Kerala encapsulated in this architectural beauty that flawlessly harmonizes tradition with modern luxury. Nestled in greenery in the outskirts of Calicut, this 5500 sqft residence by aslam.sham architects presents a striking silhouette against the verdant backdrop, with its classic clay-tiled roof—an homage to the region’s vernacular design. The roof’s design provides more than aesthetic allure; it’s a functional choice for climate control, keeping the interiors serene and comfortably cool. As you step inside, the home unfolds like a water lily in bloom, revealing a symphony of space, light, and natural tranquility, inviting you to explore further.

Amidst a lush canvas of tropical flora, the terracotta hues of the clay tiles stand out, whispering stories of age-old craftsmanship.

The entrance of this home is a declaration of elegant simplicity, a serene welcome articulated through the language of natural materials. Here, the wooden decking underfoot and the orchestrated placement of chairs suggest leisurely afternoons spent in the company of nature’s whisper. It’s a space that sets the stage for the home’s interior narrative—a promise of calm luxury that’s about to unfold in the most graceful manner as you cross into the heart of the house.

Just beyond the entrance, the home unveils its tranquil heart: a serene koi pond cradled by the embracing arms of nature and architecture. This aqueous canvas, dotted with the gentle drift of lily pads and the vivid dance of koi, is a living painting that enhances the connection to nature’s rhythms. The wooden deck, complete with a swing, invites relaxation and contemplation, a perfect spot for soaking in the ambient peace. This harmonious blend of elements is a testament to the thoughtful design, creating an experience of calm luxury as fluid and enchanting as the waters that grace this Calicut sanctuary.

Inside, the home’s soul is mirrored in its central living space where interior design transcends into artistry. This area, bathed in soft, natural light, is a study in balance and harmony with its high ceilings and open layout amplifying the sense of spaciousness. The sleek black flooring contrasts with the warm wooden furniture, and the circular motifs of the hanging lights above the dining table resonate with the home’s natural rhythms. Through the expansive glass doors, the view spills out onto the pool and the verdant outdoor foliage, ensuring the lush landscape is always a glance away, blurring the lines between the indoors and the garden’s embrace.

Through the expanse of glass doors, a tranquil panorama unfolds: a pool, its azure waters a vibrant contrast to the surrounding greenery, beckons with a refreshing allure. The deck, embraced by the lush grandeur of tropical plants, including the towering elephant ear leaves, offers an invitation to commune with nature.

In the intimate corners of the home, a bedroom is adorned with the rich textures of heritage and modernity. The intricately patterned wooden paneling and the cool blue corrugated accent wall come together to create a visual melody of old-world charm and contemporary chic. A cane bed, with its finely woven headboard, stands as a centerpiece, complemented by a gracefully curved chair and a minimalist wooden stool. This ensemble against the polished black floor offers a retreat that speaks of comfort ensconced in style, a space where one can retreat and revel in the tranquility of personalized design.

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