Top Bathroom Trends To Avoid In 2023: What’s Going Out of Style

Bathroom trends of bold and unexpected colour combinations


In a world where trends evolve faster than ever, staying ahead of the curve is crucial, even when it comes to the most unexpected places: your bathroom. Our bathrooms are no longer just functional spaces; they’re sanctuaries of relaxation and self-expression

As we approach the close of 2023, the new bathroom landscape is defined by a captivating blend of modern aesthetics and functional innovations. But before you embark on a bathroom renovation, it’s essential to be aware of the bathroom trends to embrace and, equally important, those to avoid.

So, let’s explore the top bathroom trends that you should steer clear of as we approach the end of this year, ensuring that your bathroom remains a stylish and inviting space for the years to come.

Monochromatic Colour Schemes


It’s becoming increasingly clear that monochromatic colour schemes are no longer the go-to choice for creating stylish and inviting bathroom spaces. While they once reigned supreme for their simplicity and timeless appeal, the tide is shifting towards more vibrant and contrasting colour palettes. 

So, why is the allure of monochromatic bathrooms subsiding? One key reason is their potential to create a sense of monotony and lack of visual interest, making the space feel uninspired and predictable.

In the quest for a fresh and modern bathroom, consider embracing the trend of bold and unexpected colour combinations. Just as shown in this St Leonards bathroom renovation project, vibrant hues of deep emerald green paired with striking gold accents have the ability to inject personality and energy into your new bathroom. 

Bathroom trends of bold and unexpected colour combinations

This contrasting palette not only adds a sense of drama and individuality but also evokes a contemporary vibe that is perfect for modern bathrooms in 2023.

Overly Ornate Decor


In 2023, one bathroom trend that’s clearly on its way out is overly ornate decor. This trend, once a symbol of luxury, is giving way to the sleek and sophisticated appeal of modern bathrooms

So, why is overly ornate decor losing its charm? Well, for starters, it tends to overwhelm the space, making it feel cluttered and impractical. In contrast, the new bathroom aesthetic emphasises simplicity and functionality.

Minimalist designs

Minimalist designs, with their clean lines and uncluttered surfaces, are taking centre stage. They not only create an open and airy atmosphere but also make maintenance a breeze.

Lack Of Greenery


One key trend to avoid in 2023 is a lack of greenery. The significance of incorporating greenery in modern bathrooms cannot be overstated. Not only does it add a touch of nature’s serenity to your bathroom oasis, but it also brings a sense of rejuvenation to the space. 

Greenery bathroom trends

Imagine stepping into a bathroom filled with lush, vibrant plants – it’s like a mini garden retreat within your home. But it’s not just about aesthetics; indoor plants in bathrooms serve a practical purpose too. They thrive in the humidity of bathroom environments, improving air quality and creating a soothing atmosphere. 

So, when you’re considering the new bathroom trends for 2023, remember: greenery is in, and it’s here to stay, transforming your bathroom into a refreshing and modern sanctuary. Some excellent choices for bathroom-friendly plants include the resilient snake plant, the humidity-loving fern, and the elegant orchid.

Industrial-Style Bathrooms


It’s clear that some trends are fading into the background, and one of these notable shifts is the declining appeal of industrial-style bathrooms. While these bathrooms have their own unique charm, they might not be as appealing in 2023. The stark, minimalist aesthetics of industrial bathrooms, characterised by exposed pipes and raw materials, can feel cold and unwelcoming to some.

Instead, it’s time to consider embracing more natural and organic design elements. Modern bathrooms in 2023 are gravitating towards a warmer, cosier atmosphere. This escape-inspired Vaucluse bathroom renovation project shows just that. With an emphasis on a soft colour palette, the use of organic materials like wood and stone, and the incorporation of greenery, this modern bathroom leans towards a fresh, inviting, and nature-inspired design.

Escape-inspired bathroom design

If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom this year, it’s best to steer clear of the industrial look and opt for a more inviting and nature-inspired design.

Excessive Mirror Walls


While mirrors have long been a staple in bathrooms for their functional and aesthetic benefits, covering entire walls with them is becoming outdated. 

The reason? Well, it’s all about balance and visual appeal. Excessive mirror walls can make a bathroom feel cold and sterile, not to mention the potential for an unsettling funhouse effect, where distorted reflections can create a disorienting atmosphere. 

Instead, consider more strategic mirror placements and sizes that maintain the functionality of mirrors while enhancing the overall ambiance of your new bathroom. A well-placed mirror above the vanity or a framed mirror as a statement piece can bring sophistication and warmth to your space without overdoing it.

Strategic mirror placement

Single Lighting Source


Picture this: a single, glaring central light fixture casting harsh shadows and lacking the finesse needed in the new bathroom designs of 2023. It’s a trend to avoid. Why, you ask? Well, relying solely on one source of illumination not only limits functionality but also dampens the overall aesthetic appeal of your bathroom space.

Embrace the shift towards layered lighting. Layered lighting encompasses task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting, each playing a distinct role in creating a functional and visually pleasing bathroom. 

Task lighting, strategically placed around mirrors and vanities, ensures you have the perfect illumination for grooming tasks. Ambient lighting provides a soft, welcoming glow, setting the right mood for relaxation. Finally, accent lighting highlights the architectural features and adds a touch of drama to your bathroom design.

Layered lighting bathroom trends

Begin Your Bathroom Renovation With Novalé

When you redo your bathroom, you want it to be both pretty and practical at the same time. But, sometimes it can be easy to get carried away by trendy bathroom ideas. So, we hope these six bathroom trends to steer clear of in 2023 can help you plan your bathroom renovation with Novalé.

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