Modern Bathrooms



When you lead a fast-paced lifestyle, having a place to relax and forget about the stresses of life is essential. Modern bathrooms are the perfect solution, especially when you combine the calm surroundings and gorgeous interiors with the functional benefits that the latest appliances bring.

From huge spa-like modern bathrooms to small contemporary bathrooms, C.P. Hart brings luxury modern bathroom ideas to your home for a lifetime of happiness. Here are some of the best examples to help you feel inspired.

Standing in a storm

Modern Bathrooms Dornbracht Shower

Showering should be more than a necessity; it should be an experience. As such, all of the best modern bathroom designs will incorporate a stunningly stylish shower cubicle that combines aesthetic beauty with advanced function.

The Dornbracht Sensory Sky showcases the amazing features that can now be found in contemporary bathrooms. The home unit’s sleek black backdrop and glass features produce a standout style that works perfectly in a host of modern bathroom designs and colour schemes.

Crucially, its versatile power settings can vary from soft relaxation to a jet that can transport your mind to thoughts of being caught in a summer storm.

Optimal hygiene

Modern Bathrooms TOTO Japanese Toilet

While relaxation and tranquillity should play a key role in designer modern bathrooms, no homeowner should overlook the fact that hygiene comes first. The Toto RW Sensowash delivers refreshing reassurance in an area where optimal hygiene is essential.

Toto, Japan’s leading manufacturer of sanitary ware, has produced a stunning wall-mounted toilet that carries the ultra-cool aesthetic that can benefit virtually all modern bathrooms. The heated seat, deodoriser, dryer, and warm water nozzle are just some of the standout features that bring a hotel vibe to your home.

Spa-like luxury at home

Effegibi Modern Bathroom Steam Shower

Bringing a spa-like feel to modern bathrooms isn’t a new concept; however, the appeal has become greater than ever in the post-covid era. The Effegibi Touch & Steam home steam room unit will allow you to have a mini spa day in the comfort of your home.

The practical features of a lightweight yet professional-standard steam generator can be fitted to any modern bathroom design while the air ventilation facilities minimise temperature layering. This is comfort, convenience, and healthy living rolled into one.

It is not something you find in all contemporary bathrooms either, which will guarantee your bathroom is the envy of any guests that come to stay.

Good Vibrations

Artelinea Modern Bathroom Vanity Unit

Glass is an integral feature of many designer modern bathrooms, but if you want to take those vibes from bland to grand, the cylindrical curves of the Kimono collection by Artelinea can elevate the luxury to add visual interest in a versatile and contemporary manner.

Small contemporary bathrooms can benefit greatly from the character-defining sinks that can come finished in a range of colours across a palette of black, bronze, white, and grey. The eye-catching textures make the units look huge despite their deceptively compact design. When combined with the ultra-modern taps, the growing trend is easy to appreciate.

Artisan Glazes

Modern Minoli Bathroom Tiles

Conformity can work well in many parts of the home. However, luxury bathrooms have always benefited from the unique vibes that artisan materials can bring – whether it’s one-of-a-kind marbling or the imperfect colour variations of the Minoli tile range.

As Noel Gallagher once sang, “true perfection has to be imperfect”, and the artisan glazes of the Luminous Green tiles highlight those sentiments to perfection. Beautiful modern bathrooms and the distinct appeal of the tiles are an ideal match, particularly when used as a feature wall.

The variations bring a sense of artistry and humanity to the modern bathroom which truly makes a house a home.

Manipulating Materials

Modern Bathroom Furniture

Unlike the term contemporary bathrooms, modern bathrooms relate to a defined period of time in the 20th century. While the design touches have been modernised over the decades, wood and marble have remained highly popular materials. Presenting them in a stylish fashion with Idea Groups’ Dogma Gres storage features can bring the room to life.

Beautiful modern bathrooms can utilise geometric shapes for added storage as well as appealing aesthetics. Here at C.P. Hart, we can help unlock the potential of your space with this modern bathroom trend while also incorporating features like recessed shower storage.

Feeling The Heat

Modern Bathroom Spa

When living in a city where chill and damp are so prevalent, modern saunas introduce true uncompromised heat to the bathroom space. Aside from delivering peace of mind, their attributes can help combat a plethora of physical ailments.

The Effegibi Logica S sauna unit allows you to appreciate the full benefits of a professional-standard sauna. Moreover, the modern frame, which is available in several colours, is complemented by the glass panels to become a statement piece in any bathroom. While it takes up a lot of space, it keeps the visuals uninterrupted.

As a versatile unit, the shower and sauna features various storage compartments and fits in with a wide range of flooring materials and styles.

Hands Off

Even if you only share the modern bathroom with your household members, touch-free technology can work wonders. Gessi and its Inciso Sensor range use sensors to remove the need for turning taps and dials. It’s modern, hygienic, efficient, and cool; everything any homeowner could want for their designer modern bathroom.

The touch-free sensor tech can also be found in kitchen designs. However, it’s the bathroom where the benefits are best seen, especially when coupled with the Japanese toilet. Keeping clean in the bathroom has never been simpler, which is vital in this modern era.

Premium Metals

Above all else, modern bathrooms rely heavily on the use of premium-grade materials to promote a beautiful appeal that can be sustained. Steel is the ultimate solution due to its natural antimicrobial properties that elevate hygiene to the next level.

As well as boosting the sanitary properties of the space, the premium metal is synonymous with the class and style you’d expect in hotels and high-class settings. This makes steel the best choice for modern bathrooms, working well as taps, ladder rails, and virtually any other fixture or fitting. The versatility is incredible.

The premium metals additionally offer value for money thanks to their long-lasting aesthetic and structural benefits.