Bathroom Renovation Spotlight: A Serene Aesthetic in Sydney’s North Shore

Picture this.

You open the door of your newly renovated bathroom after a long day of work, and soft, natural colours soothe your senses and invite you in. You step into the tranquil space and find clean, classic and calming fixtures across the room. The setting sun creeps through the wide windows, dancing against the delicate gold tapware. 

Doesn’t that sound relaxing?

This dream of a serene home spa has captured the imagination of many homeowners and seen the demand for bathroom renovations skyrocket. But this can be a daunting process that requires great planning and expertise. That’s why Novalé has been helping homeowners complete luxurious bathroom renovations across the North Shore, making sure they can enjoy their very own haven of relaxation.

To give you inspiration for your bathroom renovation, we’ll showcase the design choices and inclusions that turned a pair of North Wahroonga bathrooms into serene environments any North Shore homeowner would love. So, let’s dive in and discover how we transformed this bathroom into a calming oasis. 

Colour Scheme


Colour schemes are vital in setting the mood of any room, and bathrooms are no exception to this. That’s why the heart of the serene aesthetic in these North Shore bathroom renovations lies in their carefully chosen colour schemes. 

Natural and neutral tones take centre stage, creating a calming and tranquil ambience that washes away the stresses of the day. Soft green tiles were selected for a feature wall alongside the bath for a calm and soothing feel. Meanwhile, whites and beiges were chosen to dominate the rest of the palette, owing to the relaxing warmth and comfort that these muted tones offer.

To build on the subtle green touches and add an element of contrast, additional plants and greenery were incorporated to welcome in the leafy landscape of North Wahroonga. This form of biophilic design has become an enduring trend across renovations of all parts of the home, not least modern bathrooms. This was crucial in ensuring the bathroom renovation enhanced the serene aesthetic and fostered a deeper sense of peace and rejuvenation. 

Natural Wood Textures


To further welcome nature and the great outdoors into the heartbeat of the home, natural wood textures were used within floating vanities. Bold browns with subtle patterns and textures were strategically chosen to add a touch of rustic charm, infusing the space with a sense of warmth and a connection to the natural world. The incorporation of these wood textures not only elevated the visual appeal but also introduced a tactile experience that invites a soothing connection with nature.

Wood textures are renowned for their ability to evoke a sense of comfort and authenticity, transforming any space into a cozy retreat. That’s why in this serene bathroom renovation project, the wood vanities became secondary focal points to enhance. And let’s face it, no serene bathroom has cluttered benchtops, vanities and floors, and this inspired the inclusion of a natural floating vanity that also served as an unobtrusive storage solution.

Natural Wood Textures

Aside from its functionality, the integration of wood within these bathrooms complemented the greenery and soft hues of the space, creating a cohesive design that captures the essence of serenity. These thoughtful design choices helped to bring the beauty of nature indoors, showing that even within the confines of urban living, a serene escape is within reach.

Curvature in Design Elements


Curvature took centre stage in establishing a calming feel within these renovated bathrooms, helping us elevate its serene aesthetic. Throughout the space, curved design elements were strategically used to evoke a sense of tranquillity and fluidity. From gracefully arched basins to the gentle contours of toilets, mirrors, tapware, and showerheads, each element was carefully chosen to contribute to a harmonious flow that promotes relaxation.

Curvature in Design Elements

By embracing curvature, we aimed to transform the bathrooms into sanctuaries of comfort, where the eye is guided seamlessly from one element to another. This was ideal for creating a sense of unity and coherence within the bathrooms, giving the homeowners a space to retreat to and escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

These soft curves also added a layer of visual appeal to the bathrooms, with the absence of harsh edges being inherently easy on the eye. Curved design elements create a sense of elegance and grace, and from wall to wall, they infused the spaces with the inviting charm that’s so familiar among the most serene bathrooms.

Spa-Like Features For A Touch of Luxury 


The final design choices that epitomise the serene spa-like atmosphere in these North Wahroonga bathroom renovations go beyond aesthetics, providing a truly indulgent experience that rejuvenates the senses. 

Gold tapware

Gold tapware was chosen for its luxurious gleam, adding a touch of modern-day elegance and refinement to the serene bathrooms. The inclusion of a dual-head rainwater shower was also included as a sense of indulgence for the homeowners. With cascades of water from above and gently massaging from the side, it offers a truly immersive bathing experience leaving you refreshed and invigorated.

Glass shower screens were also chosen not only for both their sleek and contemporary look and their ability to create a sense of openness and space within the bathroom. By allowing natural light to filter through, they complement the soft colour palette and further enhance the calming ambience. And to further welcome natural light into the bathrooms, the curved mirrors were placed directly opposite the pair of windows in the master bathroom, allowing light to flood for a bright and uplifting start to the day.

Glass shower screen

These carefully selected spa-like features elevated the serenity of these bathrooms, making them truly bespoke examples of quality North Shore bathroom renovations.

Inspired By These Serene Bathroom Renovations?


We hope this insight into the serene bathroom renovations in North Wahroonga has inspired your own bathroom transformation with Novalé! Whether you’re seeking Bathroom Renovations in the North Shore, across Sydney, the Central Coast or Newcastle, our highly experienced team are ready to help you craft a stunning and highly functional modern bathroom design. Let us bring your dream bathroom to life and elevate your home with our expertise in creating serene and sophisticated spaces. 

When researching bathroom renovators for your bathroom renovations, consider including Novalé Bathrooms in your shortlist. We offer Bathroom Renovations in all areas of Sydney through to Newcastle. For a complete list of the Areas We Service, see here.

Our teams of bathroom renovators are eager to help you create a fantastic modern bathroom you can be proud of. We use a unique 4-step bathroom renovation process and always encourage potential customers to read the 12 reasons to choose Novalé. Additionally, feel free to read over our testimonials and reviews and learn about the experience others have had when working with Novalé. For further information on how we transform your bathroom, please get in contact with the Novalé team at 1800 NOVALÉ.

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