A Unique Seaside House Blending Serenity and Landscape in Lebanon

A Unique Seaside House Blending Serenity and Landscape in Lebanon

Nestled on the northern fringes of Beirut, amidst the dynamic ebb and flow of Jounieh Bay, stands a structure of paradoxical charm. With its stark, cube-like façade, it presents a fortress of privacy against the bustling coastal highway. Yet, this home unfolds like a secret, revealing layers of openness and vast, framed vistas of the Mediterranean. Here, architecture converses with the elements, crafting a narrative of light, space, and airiness that transcends its compact urban footprint. Welcome to a dwelling where the rigors of modern design meet the playfulness of nature, crafting a serene haven in the heart of Lebanon’s vivid landscape.

Architect: Nabil Gholam Architects  

The clean geometry of this 18-meter cubed residence is accentuated by recessed windows and carved spaces that cradle hanging gardens. At its crown, an extended box of stone and fritted glass encompasses the master suite’s bathroom amenities. Its façade, reminiscent of Mondrian’s artistry, bestows upon it the mystique of a Chinese puzzle box, inviting intrigue and discovery.

If you’re captivated by the seamless blend of indoor luxury and the natural expanse of the sea, this home’s living space is a sight to behold. The crisp, linear architecture frames the uninterrupted blue of the Mediterranean like a living painting.

The lush green of a manicured lawn contrasts with the serene blue of an infinity pool, leading your gaze to the stunning panorama of Jounieh Bay.

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