2023 Bathroom Trends

2023 Bathroom Trends


In 2022 we saw some fantastic bathroom trends and had the privilege of designing and installing some wonderful, bright, bold and interesting bathrooms for our customers. We are very excited to see what 2023 has to bring in bathroom design, and have collated a list of some of the trends expected to be big in bathrooms this year.

1. Warming Metallic Accents

You can expect to see more warm metallics, such as brushed bronze, to be in bathroom design this year. This style of brassware perfectly compliments another trend this year (mentioned below) of raw and earthy textures and can add a soft but noticeable edge to any bathroom. Why not get creative and mix metals to achieve a creative and unique look for your own space?!

2. Nature-Inspired Pieces

With so many of us spending much more time at home over the past couple of years, bringing the outside in to our homes, and into our bathrooms, in the form of plant life was very popular. This is set to stay, and to develop further into bringing more natural, textured elements into bathrooms, such as concrete and wood. This is a very versatile trend and we look forward to using it in our bathroom designs!

3. Colourful Vanity Units

The insertion of colour into bathrooms is something we’ve seen start to become popular over the course of 2022, and is set to continue into this year’s designs. Many customers are opting for a pop of colour with their bathroom furntiure, either with a strong bold option (shown below with these bright vanity units) or a softer more subtle colour choice. We have many different options when it comes to vanity units, and our team are also on hand ready to help you use colour tastefully in your bathroom design.

4. Terrazzo tiles

Towards the end of 2022 we noticed a big increase in the interest of terrazzo tiles in bathrooms. Several of our customers choose this for either their wall tiles or flooring, and in 2023 its popularity is only going to strengthen! They are very versatile and come in an array of colours, so its clear why they are a firm favourite for adding something special to bathrooms.

5. Mix and Match Tiles

Another tile trend set to be big is mixing and matching tiles. There are so many options when it comes to this trend, whether it be a mixture of textured and non-textured tiles, different designs or different colours. We can’t wait to see what exciting designs we can create with this!

6. More than a Basic Basin

We’ve seen an increase in people turning away from a traditional basin and pedestal and moving towards more unique basins, vanity units and different styles of washbowls. As a basin is essential to a bathroom, it’s an easy way to add some creativity to your space. This is also an area we expect to see the more raw materials, as mentioned above in ‘nature-inspired pieces’.

7. Decorative Lighting

Statement lighting has been increasingly popular in recent years, and its not done with its time in the spotlight just yet! From pendants to decorative lamps and mirror lighting, people are choosing this as a way to add to their design as well as being a practical and important feature of the room. This is a great way to add a feeling of relaxation and a soothing atmosphere in a bathroom.

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